Our Autumn Clean Up is on 4th October this year. We hope you can join us to clean up the burn and the rest of the park for the winter. Waders, gloves, bibs and refreshments will be provided. The more helpers we have, the quicker we get the job done. We look forward to seeing you in the middle of the park from 2-4. This is a popular event with families as everyone can help. Clean Up Notice – Autumn 2015

Sunday November 1st is the nearest Sunday to the 80th anniversary of the planting the cherry tree trefoil by girl guides from all over Edinburgh. To mark the anniversary, while we are working on the cherry tree replacement scheme, we will take the first step in creating a new Community Orchard.  Sunday 1st November is earmarked for tackling the first stage of planting. We will need people with skills to dig reasonable sized holes, hammering in stakes and fitting protective cages. It would be good if those willing and able to volunteer could let us know. More details to follow.