If you have been to the park recently, you will have noticed a
large, grey metal structure next to the path, near the stage. This is a
replacement for the southern bridge (at the Oxgangs end) which had
been condemned for vehicle use because part of the structure has
cracked. The current bridge is safe for pedestrians, but ultimately
needs to be repaired or replaced.
The Council’s “Bridges and Structures” Department were
donated a spare NHS bridge from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
and allocated it to Braidburn Valley Park. The Friends Committee
were aware of the proposal, but not the style of the bridge until it
arrived in the park.
The Friends have asked the Council to
1. Apply an anti-skid surface to the metal flooring
2. Paint the whole structure black so that it is less obtrusive
3. Remove the excess railings that will extend into the path further
than the current railings
4. Make good any damage to the access paths and surrounding area
by contractors’ machinery
5. Install an otter holt to give local otters a helping hand
Contracts have been signed and work is due to start shortly. It
will take five weeks and there will be contractors’ cabins and
equipment in the park. The bridge will obviously be closed while
work takes place and no temporary structure has been proposed.
If you have any comments about the replacement bridge,
please contact Mike Shields, Community Parks Officer
(mike.shields@edinburgh.gov.uk)  or 0131 529 5126.