On Saturday 12th May from 10-12.30, the Friends of Braidburn Valley Park will be teaming up with Scouts from Greenbank Church to carry out activities for their Community Week in Braidburn Valley Park. You can find out more about Scout Community Week at http://scouts.org.uk/community/cms.php?pageid=3238 .

With the emphasis on giving service to the local community and wildlife, the Scouts have been focusing their attention on Bumblebees. They have learnt about the loss of habitat that has seen the species decline by 98%. The Scouts are making bee nest boxes which should be a home for up to 40 bumblebees at a time. On Saturday 12th May, the Scouts will dig holes for their nests and position them to the wildflower meadow which the Friends have created in Braidburn Valley Park. For more information about threats to bumblebees see – http://www.bumblebeeconservation.org.uk/ .

The Friends of Braidburn Valley Park have recently created a new bee meadow in partnership with the Edinburgh Community Bee Project, using funds from Waitrose.