Please come and plant the first trees in the new community orchard in Braidburn Valley Park.
To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the planting of the cherry tree trefoil in the Park – we are planting the first of the fruit trees in the new Community Orchard.  We hope you agree that this is an appropriate use for some of the funds raised at Tea in the Park and our hope is that the trees will bear fruit for all to harvest in the years to come.
Come along from 2-4 on Sunday 1st November and bring the family.

We need volunteers with a range of skills to

  • dig holes and hammer in stakes for the protective cages (a good work out)
  • write the name tags and hang on the trees
  • organise apple themed games with the kids who attend
  • make toffee apples in advance for sale for funds
  • serve refreshments

We can only do these things with your support – let us know what you can do to help.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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