The City of  Edinburgh Council have planted some new trees in the Park this week. The Friends group were consulted on the species and the planting locations of the trees. There are 10 trees in all with most being native species such as birch, aspen and oak. There are also a few ornamental  species such as an exotic  hawthorn  and a Sweet Gum. The latter, also known as Liquidamber, is from North America and is similar in appearance to a maple. It comes into its own in autumn when the leaves turn a fiery orange red.

Considerable care has been taken to place the trees away from walking (and sledging!) routes with particular attention to maintaining the views to the hills both from the Park and surrounding housing. We hope the trees will thrive and enhance the Park landscape as they grow.

The full list of species planted is :

  • Aspen (3)
  • Downy birch (2)
  • Sessile Oak
  • Black poplar
  • Sweet gum (Liquidamber )
  • Small leaved lime
  • Hawthorn

Why not see if you can find them all?