Storm damaged cherry tree

The winds during the storm of 3rd January reached over 100mph on Blackford Hill just to the west of the Braidburn Valley Park. Inevitability there has been some damage to the trees in the Park but not as much as was feared. The main losses are 2 of the old cherry trees on the southern boundary near the wildflower meadow. One has simply snapped where the trunk was rotten but the other was a large healthily tree that keeled over, I suspect, due to the wet ground. This one has thrown up a large root plate but fortunately neither has blocked the path so access is not impeded.

The council have been made aware of these 2 trees as well as the conifer at the main gate. However as you can imagine they are dealing with damage right across the city from the storms so it may be a while before they can clear up these trees.

One of the trees had a nest box attached which has been retrieved and refurbished and will be put up again on a suitable tree shortly, hopefully in time for the nesting season.