This is an early reminder of our annual community event in Braidburn Valley Park.

We hope that we will see you and your family, friends and neighbours there – please spread the word.

Among the attractions this year are

  • The Vikings of Din Eidyn,
  • Auld Spice Ceilidh Band,
  • Fun family dog show
  • Musicians from the Morningside School of Music,
  • Dance display by the Angela Watson School of Dance,
  • World famous duck race

In addition we have all the usual attractions, home baking stall, bar, ice cream, face painting  and many others.

Any surplus we make is invested in our special Park.

We can’t do this without you so can we ask for volunteers to contribute whatever you can.
We need as many volunteers as possible in the following areas

  • Volunteers to help publicise the event – we are sorting out the flyer
  • Volunteers to help with the dog show on Saturday 5th September – may need a meeting the week before
  • Volunteers to help get equipment out of storage in the church crypt on Friday 4th September at 6.30pm in Greenbank Church Hall
  • Volunteers, particularly with cars, to help transport equipment from the church to the park on Saturday 5th September at 9am
  • Volunteers to help set up tents, tables and chairs, etc on the morning of Saturday 5th September
  • Volunteers to help out with activities from 1.45 – 4.30pm on Saturday 5th September
  • Volunteers, particularly with energy when we are all knackered, to help demount the stalls and tents and transport equipment back from the park to Greenbank Church crypt after 4.30 pm on Saturday 5th September
  • Donations of home baking for the stall on Saturday 5th September
  • Donations of recycling material – cardboard, plastic bottles, clean food containers, etc – for raft building

We will post further details later

Please email with offers of help –  we will be so very grateful for whatever you can offer – it is at this stage in the year that the work required can feel daunting – but with help we always get there in the end.

Can we also encourage new Friends and friends of Friends to join in – it is good fun and you will be made particularly welcome.