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Braidburn Valley Park


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Dianne’s Garden

The garden just inside the north-end entrance to the park is named after Dianne Savage. Dianne was an indefatigable friend of the park. She conceived the idea of this community garden, had plans drawn up for it, and won funding through a Tesco scheme. Dianne died in early 2018; but the project carried on.

Planting day arrived in June 2018. A team of enthusiastic volunteers, under the guidance of our designer, John Frater, planted 700 small plants in 3 hours!

Voluntary efforts over the dry summer that followed kept the ground watered. On the last day of November a few stalwart Friends ignored the dire weather forecast and gathered for some bulb planting. There were some 5000 bulbs… fortunately mostly happy to share their holes with 10 or more others. So it took not much more than an hour. And the rain held off too. Green shoots, even some flowers, were beginning to show by the time of the formal inauguration of the garden in February 2019.

If you are curious to know what is growing in the garden you can find a list of what we’ve planted here.

It will need ongoing effort from the Friends to keep the garden at its best. Look out for invitations to weeding parties which will be posted on this site, or advertised in the park. You can register your interest by emailing .