View of Braidburn Valley Park - June

Braidburn Valley Park


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The Park – Responsible Access And Use

Braidburn Valley Park is open to the public all the time. You are welcome to go wherever you like as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code by
• taking responsibility for your own actions
• respecting the interests of other people
• caring for the environment.

To find out more about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code go to

Two points are of particular relevance in the Park;

a) Dog Owners should always clean up after their dogs have pooped and deposit the poop bags in the nearest bin, which is City of Edinburgh Council’s policy, as there are no dedicated Poop Bins in Edinburgh. Poop bags should never be thrown into the Burn or the bushes.

b) Cyclists should look out for pedestrians especially when approaching from behind them. Give an aural warning in good time and slow down when passing them.