View of Braidburn Valley Park - July

Braidburn Valley Park


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Mural Project

For many years the electricity substation (on the western hillside, abutting the Fly Walk) has been something of a blot on the Braidburn Valley Park landscape. Over the years energetic volunteers have repainted it to cover over graffiti; but only for a while. In early 2021 Andrew Swann, a previous Chair of FOBVP, came up with a proposal for a radical facelift. Inspired by Chris Rutterford’s transformation of the Colinton Tunnel the proposal was for murals on the substation, depicting images related to the Park, with the community involved in their creation. By happy chance it emerged that Chris Rutterford has a lifelong connection with the Park. He was delighted to take up the idea, and, to make it a community project, to enlist Sixth Year pupils from Firrhill High School to help produce the artwork. Edinburgh City Council provided a grant through their neighbourhood funding scheme, and FOBVP reserves provided the remaining funding. The panels were put in place over a sunny weekend in March 2022, to widespread acclaim. A collection of pictures showing the unfolding project can be found in our gallery. But to appreciate the result you really need to see it in place on the hillside.

There are many to thank here: Andrew, for the idea and all the hands-on effort; other members of the project sub-committee whose enthusiasm and vision drove the project; Tracy Graham, Head of Expressive Arts at Firrhill High School, and her pupils for taking up the challenge;  and of course Chris himself.