Last summer we were all sorry to see that the plastic storage box, placed at the main gates of the park, that had been full of books for everyone to enjoy, ended up being kicked to bits.  Our Chairman, Paul Bailey, had seen more formal ‘community libraries’ on his travels in Edinburgh.  He did some research and found many examples from across the UK that he shared with the Committee.  Braidburn Valley Park needed something that wouldn’t succumb to the local vandals quite as easily as the plastic box had done!
A quick site visit to confirm measurements allowed the production of a plan which was approved by the Committee.  All the necessary permissions were sought from the Council and construction got underway.  Only time will tell if the design achieves all that it sets out to do.   Access must be easy for everyone but the weather must be kept out too.  Magnetic catches and simple hooks and eyes should mean that the doors stay closed unless the library is in use.  There is a layer of roofing felt between the lining and outer carcass and the wood is treated and, of course, painted which should mean it lasts well.
Alan Smith and Andrew Swann very much enjoyed making the library.  Andrew is delighted to have his workshop back now that the library is installed.  Praise is due to the Committee for supporting the vision and funding the build.  Please now enjoy the library, take a book when one catches your eye but keep it well stocked by donating books that are in good condition that you no longer want.  If you ever see one of the doors swinging in the breeze please push it closed and put the hook into the eye!
Andrew Swann