One of the park’s best known features is its splendid array of cherry trees in the south-east corner. The original trees were planted in November 1935 by 5000 Guides, Rangers and Brownies, for the Silver Jubilee of King George V. They were planted in a trefoil shape, the emblem of the Guide movement. The trefoil-shape is fairly clear if you take a birds-eye view with the aid of Google Earth….

The trees are approaching the end of their days and a replacement programme (under the supervison of the Council’s tree officer) has been going on since 2008. Over the last year or two we have had a number of donations from members wanting to contribute to this programme. And  we have recently had confirmation of a successful application to the AEB Charitable Trust which will bring £5000 for this purpose. We are now in a position to fund 18-20 new trees. (The  cost per tree may seem steep: but it covers the cost of the planting and the necessary care and attention that the council supplies over the first years). The Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust will help with the planning and planting. And we expect to see some new trees in the ground by the late Autumn.