We are organising volunteer activities on Sunday 5th March at 2pm.  It would be helpful to know numbers; so if possible can you let Alan Fleming (alanflemingzz@yahoo.co.uk) know if you would like to attend. Otherwise it is fine to just turn up.   It would also be helpful with organising tools if people could bring their own spade and / or a trowel. If you don’t have these there will be some of the Friends’ tools you can use.

The tasks to be undertaken include the following wildflower and tree related tasks;

In the wildflower meadows:
*Planting wildflower plugs.

*Screefing (scraping the ground) and sowing annual wildflower seeds.

*Finishing the dead wood piles using the wood that people collected in January.

*Raking the vegetation in the small wild flower meadow.

Around the fruit trees:

*Mulching with wood chips.
*Maintenance of tree guards if required.

*Planting some more of the wildflower plugs

Elsewhere in the park:

*Planting small trees

We hope to see you!
Alan Fleming

FOBVP Tree Warden